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-----original message-----

from: "sarah ***
sent: saturday, may 10, 2003 10:53 pm

heya :)

i just wanted to let you know that flatfinder is an awesome service!
as i work fulltime and study fulltime as well,I'm pretty busy and i don't have time to scour the paper,and anyway a lot of them are gone by the time i get the chance to call. with flatfinder, i can browse from work, and usually communicate via email which is much easier for me.
so far i've found 2 flats thru flatfinder,and both have been exactly what i needed at the time,so


thanks, i'm glad we could help ;o).

we really do appreciate all comments and suggestions - flatfinder ed

-----original message-----

from: "geoff & diana" geoff.diana@*

thanks very much for a great site, we got lots of feedback from the ad and found a suitable flatmate within only a couple of days!

- paul.e

thats great! best of luck.

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from: cirj2*@*
to: "'flatfinder'" flatfinder
subject: flatfinder
date: wed, 17 jul 2002 10:48:28 +1200
x-mailer: internet mail service (*5.*0.21)

great site! it'll be really heplfull for finding a place for me. one suggestion though, a minor abstract type map of areas would be helpful, as i'm moving to dunedin for study and don't know the areas it would be great to know where i'm looking. just a thought!! other than that great site


thanks for the suggestion. we will take note of it for the next upgrade - flatfinder ed

-----original message-----

date: sat, 18 may 2002 12:59:38 -0700 (pdt)
from: shane@*****.com
subject: thanks
to: flatfinder

hi flatfinder,

just wanted to thank you for the great service you provide.

i placed an ad with you a while back and now have a family from overseas on the way to move into my house.

i have had several responses from overseas and many local people apply .... its good to know that your service really works !

regards shane

thanks for the compliment shane. good luck with your new tenants. - flatfinder ed

-----original message-----

to: flatfinder
from: "kath@***
subject: unspecified
date: mon, 8 apr 2002 07:37:56 +1200
hi there, i think your website is great!

i just thought that you may want to add another icon for saturn tv - i clicked on the sky icon for my advert but just thought it would be a good thing to add as I know they are expanding into the Auckland area in the future.

thanks kathryn

thanks for the compliment and suggestion kathryn. we will add another icon during the next website overhaul. - flatfinder ed

-----original message-----

from: jen[mailto:jen@****.net]
sent: friday, june 01, 2001 12:54 pm
to: flatfinder
subject: your site

hi i'm a big user of your site (now that sounded bad) and i was just wondering how you guys get sponsoring?

is this a private business or just a hobby.

sorry if my question is weird...just curiousity i guess. thanks, jen

the sponsorship comes from z web, a christchurch based web design company.

we came up with an original concept and decided to create new zealands first free flatfinding website.

flatfinder was born 15/12/1999

not alot of people were familiar with the internet back in those days, but it seemed to make more sense to use a website that you can quickly browse for flatmates, rather than a newspaper, or a radio/pen combination. however, when we first started we were on a steady 30 unique users per day that didn't seem to budge.

thanks to the promotional efforts of the z web staff, we now we get over 3500 unique visitors and over 20,000 page views/week!

thats a whole lot of exposure for your ad ... and best of all ... its totally free! - flatfinder ed

-----original message-----

from: phil [mailto:phil@*****]
sent: saturday, may 19, 2001 12:57 pm
to: flatfinder
subject: thorndon flat

we have let the flat, the day after listing with you.

thanks for a great service - will recommend your site. Phil

thats great. comments like this make it all worthwhile. - flatfinder ed

-----original message-----

from: melody [mailto:melody@*************]
sent: friday, may 04, 2001 10:17 am
to: flatfinder
subject: website!!

hi there,

thought i would drop a line to tell you and your team what an awesome job you have done with your website!

i have found it informative, up to date and a great resource for flat hunters (myself included!), and it is fast loading-Yaye!

what a great effort!



thanks for the compliment. we streamlined the site for speed (no bulky slow loading graphics). we believe these days total user satisfaction is based on speed.

users always demand responsive service, and a site structure and layout that easy to learn.
the pages on the flatfinder always load quickly (under 2 seconds), and it is easy to find a list of flats that conform to your requirements by using our simple to use search function.

the website itself has been built on technology to support 100,000's of simultaneous users. i hope everyone has tried out the text search capability - flatfinder ed

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